October 27th is World Occupational Therapy Day.


To get more information and to register to participate, go to

http://ot4ot.weebly.com and/or http://www.otwikiflash.net


A group of academics, clinicans and students from several countries have set up the first-ever global virtual occupational therapy exchange - as a way for occupational therapists and others interested in the 'power of occupation' to share what they are doing and thinking. The exchange consists of 24 hours of sessions from academics, students, policy makers and consumers regarding occupation - and it is free to participate. There are opportunities to enter into different speaker's presentations and to interact with speakers and other participants. As well, there will be an OT Wikiflash available before and after the Exchange. The OT Wikiflash is open October 25 to 29, and the Exchange occurs on Oct, 27, 2010.


This is a great opportunity to learn about occupational therapy and occupation in the international context!